• Castelli Romani: wine & wonders

    This unique program offers our clientele an escape from the urban center of Rome, leading them to the most beautiful villages in the region. A history expert will accompany our guests on a private tour through this wonderful volcanic complex that dominates the whole of Lazio and that was the historical site of the populations that gave birth to the Eternal City.

    Around the two fascinating volcanic lakes of Albano and Nemi are perched a series of splendid towns rich in history and art and famous for their wine and food. The itinerary includes a visit to the city of Frascati, Castel Gandolfo and Nemi with lunch in a characteristic fraschetta.

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  • Unearthing the mysteries of Ostia antica

    This experience will give our guests the opportunity to spend a day in one of the largest archaeological sites in the world and perhaps the most complete place for Roman archeology.

    The visit will include the most important contexts of the city and will be divided into two parts. In the morning you will have the chanceto visit the western districts located at the Marina gate while in the afternoon (after the lunch break which will be consumed at the cafeteria of the archaeological area) we will go to the discovery of the central and eastern districts.

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  • Exploring the Ports & Necropoli

    A true experience for archeology and history enthusiasts. ELLE Boutique Hotel gives you the opportunity to live one day in the Portus and the Necropolis of the Sacred Island.

    Founded by Claudius to solve the age-old problem of the transport of goods to Rome by sea and connected to Rome through the Via Portuense, Portus was initially abandoned and then returned to vogue at the time of Trajan thanks to the genius of the great Apollodorus of Damascus that created the hexagonal basin still perfectly preserved today. Our special guests will visit the spectacular remains of the docks, the arcades, the imperial warehouses and the imperial palace. In the afternoon, the itinerary will take you to the Isola Sacra to admire one of the best preserved necropolises of the Roman world.

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  • Itineraries in Rome

    Discover our selection of private tours in the Eternal City. From our Ancient Rome tours - Colosseum, Roman Forum, Ara Pacis - our Medieval Rome tours - Trastevere, Monti, our Renaissance and Baroque Rome tours - Michelangelo's Rome, Caravaggio's Rome, Bernini's Rome. Besides, it is also possible to book our classic tours in the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel or the St. Peter's Basilica tour, to the more special tours such as our Tour of the Talking Statues or our Walk through the Ghetto: a suggestive and nocturnal walk in the heart of the Jewish Guetto.

    With our Rome itineraries you can admire all the wonders of the Eternal City and its most impressive and famous monuments, guided by an expert archaeologist and historian who will enchant you with his professionalism and attention to detail.

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  • Wine&Food Experience

    Tasting a good wine means living the dream of a story that begins in the countryside, among the rows of vineyards and continues day by day in search of quality to be found in the vineyard and replicated in the bottle. A wine tasting is nothing more than re-proposing and reliving the experience of those who produced that wine, our proposal is nothing more than introducing you to an exclusive selection of Lazio wines paired with typical products of the region.

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  • Our Breakfast

    We prepare your breakfast every morning with: fresh and local products of the highest quality. Come and taste all our dishes prepared at the moment for you. Enjoy your breakfast buffet or order your favorite dish directly from our à la carte menu.

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